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IMS Dealer Program
I help small business owners increase customer acquisition using
promotional video commercials I create for them which they can
share on social media outlets, use in advertising campaigns, and
on their website, and if they don't have a website that's where
we start.

I am Danny Long, a.k.a. The Internet Cash Professor and I am the
owner of a digital marketing agency called Internet Marketing

I want to share with you all my vision and goals for Internet
Marketing Solutions and my plan for achieving those goals in the
shortest amount of time, with your help.

My mission is to give the highest quality products and services in
the digital marketing arena at the most affordable pricing.

I personally make sure my customers are 100% satisfied with their
purchase. In order to achieve that I've kept my profit margin
relatively low compared to my competitors and my products and
services are superior to say the least.

This poses 2 problems, which I see as opportunity for growth rather
than problems. The first problem is at these prices I cannot afford
to advertise. The second problem is it cost money to acquire new
customers on a consistent basis.

Well, I never have liked the idea of paying for advertising and I've
always known that word of mouth advertising is the best type of
advertising you can get, so I developed the IMS Authorized Dealer
Program which allows people from all walks of life, no matter where
they live in the world, to become part of my growing operation and
take part in the profits that will be generated along the way.

I know this isn't for everybody and I know there will be growing
pains along the way because I'm going to make this company as well
known as Heinz Ketchup, Nike, and Microsoft.

I can't do it alone so I have opened up the doors for a limited time
to add more Authorized Dealers into the program.

When we reach a point where we have to deal with growing too fast the
door to this opportunity will slam shut until the next growth phase.

I can't go into any details in public but I will say this is by far
the best free business opportunity anyone could ever hope for and
I do expect a huge influx of new dealers and we will be closing and
re-opening the doors to join as needed until we own a major part of
the market share in this industry.

Quite simply put if you cannot pass a background check please do not
apply. If you do not possess the wherewithal to feel comfortable
meeting with local business people in person please do not apply.

If you can't accept rejection and have trouble communicating on an
intelligent level, please do not apply.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to work from anywhere in
the world, be your own boss and work when you want, build a team and
have the potential to create a very high income for yourself then by
all means we want to talk with you. Fill out the form on this page
and join our mailing list for more information, you'll get to watch
a short video and if you watch it to the very end it will redirect
you to the application where you can sign up to be an Authorized
Dealer absolutely free! Then just fill out the application on that
page and then we will give you a call the following day after we
have looked over your application.

No technical knowledge is needed as this is a commission only sales
opportunity with the option of building a team. Set your own hours
and be your own boss. Answer to nobody. If we accept you into the
program you will be paid daily for your sales, and for the sales made
by your team, that you recruit who we approve after our onboarding

As our business grows we will be adding regular full time employees
so if you are experienced in web development, video editing, graphic
arts, or software development please indicate that on your appliction
in the notes section.

Here are some of the products and services we offer:

Web Design
Graphic Arts
Video Production
Lead Gen Systems
Pay Per Call Leads
YouTube Ad Management
Facebook Ad Management
Social Media Management
Wordpress Security
Software Products
Facebook Video Covers
Security Systems
Direct TV
Dish TV
Internet Service
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